2015 Samurai Awards

Carole Kelman

5th September 2015 - Presentations were made at Cults Community and Sports Centre on Saturday 5th September 2015 during a special Karate and Samurai training weekend course in the city of Aberdeen.  Presenting the awards with  Ronnie Watt ( 8th dan) OBE, ORS was Lord Charles Bruce who also attended the Karate course and Samurai training where his son Benedict now a Shodan black belt took part.

Vivienne Grant

Carole Kelman (5th Dan)(above) and Vivienne Grant (5th Dan) (right) were awarded the Scottish Samurai Award with silver rays in recognition for the diligence in training karate and for good work in the community.

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24th July 2015 - Lord Provost of Aberdeen George Adam is presented with the samurai award on behalf of Aberdeen City Council for their help in promoting the friendship of Scotland and Japan. The Award was presented by Mr. Hajime Kitaoka the Consul General of Japan in Edinburgh during a civic reception in the Aberdeen Town House held  to welcome 19 Japanese students from Kagoshima. The students visited Aberdeen in a pilgrimage to honour the 150 years celebrations of the life of Thomas Glover, the first Scottish Samurai.  Glover had sent 19 students back to Scotland to learn about modern industry and practices, which helped shape Japan to become probably one of the most advanced economies of the world today.  Ronnie Watt, his colleagues  and Aberdeen City Council did a great job in welcoming the students. Showing them around the city and providing home stays so they could experience life in a Scottish family.

Two well known famous sculptors  husband and wife, Hironori Katagiri and Kate Thomson lift the prestigious Scottish Samurai Award for their outstanding contribution to fine art. (Japan and Scotland)

The award was presented at a civic reception hosted in Aberdeen Town House for the 2015 Samurai Awards. The award was presented by Lord Charles Bruce and Ronnie Watt, the founder of the Samurai Awards.

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Congratulations !
Kata and Kate

better kata and kate

 Ukishima Scuplture Studio

Frank Gilfeather

Frank Gilfeather 2015 Samurai Award.

Congratulations to Frank Gilfeather, Samurai Award Winner 2015. Frank was presented with the award at Ronnie Watt's National Karate Federation team kata championships in Aberdeen in front of an appreciative audience. Frank is a well known face to the karate club after freely donating his time and experience by presenting at the WKC World Karate Championships when the club hosted them in Aberdeen. 

 Over the years, Frank has championed minority sports with a strong emphasis on the grass roots. See More….

Presentation of Scottish Samurai Awards 2014: Colin Taylor, Dean of Guild of the Burgesses of Aberdeen, Andy Anderson, businessman, Alex Johnston MSP, Fred Dalgarno, former Dean of Guild, Mr Hajime Kiteoka, Consul General of Japan,
Ronnie Watt OBE ORS Sensei, Kazuo Yamazaki Sensei, Paul Kee Sensei.
Special guest was Lord Charles Bruce.  


The first Norwegian Samurai, Alf Ronny Faggerland Sensei, President of NKF Norway.
26 May 2014 The Lord Provost of Aberdeen, George Adam, hosted a civic reception to mark the International Karate Tournament. Pictured with the Norwegian team.

Dr Trevor Runciecomputer scientist, software entrepreneur and a Black Belt 2nd Dan Shotokan Karate. Aberdeen representative on the Council for the Japan Society of Scotland, helping to develop the business, academic and cultural connections between Scotland and Japan.

John Cox, Chair, Aberdeenshire Council.

Andy Anderson: the presentation is made by Mr Tarahara, Japan's Consul General.

Tyrone Smith, Sports Journalist

Lisa Calder, Children's Female Kumite WKC World Champion Gold Medalist.

Jim and Sandra Rogerson.

Lord Provost Margaret Smith.

John Reynolds.

Ian and Fiona Ellis, World and European Gold Medalists


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